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Boston air preparation components include products for efficient pneumatic system operation. Refrigerated air dryers remove system moisture. Air filtration, regulation, and lubrication is provided by FRL, FR, or FL units. Individual components include air filters with manual or automatic drains, oil removal filters, pressure regulators in 3 pressure ranges, standard and micro-lube lubricators, air pressure gauges, relief valves, differential pressure indicators and drip leg drains.

Boston cylinders include disposable cylinders with ½” to 2” bores, single-acting and double acting models, non rotating rods, nose or pivot mounted and magnetic reed switches. Pneumatic medium and heavy duty JIC/NFPA cylinders have 1 ½” to 8” bores. Hydraulic JIC/NFPA cylinders are available in bores from 1 ½” to 12”, for pressures up to 3000 psi.

Boston valves include 5 series of directional control valves encompassing 1/8” through 2” port sizes. Actuators include solenoids, air pilots and manual operators. Spool and poppet valves are available as in-line, sub-base or manifolding bodies.

Boston air motors Vane air motors are variable speed, explosion proof, instantly reversible, and operate in any position. Rotary actuators feature rotary motion to 720 degrees.

Boston accessories a broad range of components to complete virtually every pneumatic system. All feature rugged, durable construction for long and dependable operational life in industrial environments.


Formerly Horton Air Champ products

For nearly one half century, Nexen has been designing and manufacturing clutches, brakes, and other products to support your motion control requirements. Each product is a result of years of innovative design and engineering, precise manufacturing and most importantly – understanding the requirements of motion control applications. Simple design, durability, efficiency and economy make Air Champ products the best choice for your rotary motion control applications.

The Air Champ family of products include pneumatic: friction clutches, tooth clutches, multiple disc clutches, dual plate clutches, high capacity clutches and brakes, overload protection devices. Flexible couplings, friction brakes, caliper brakes, drum brakes, spring engaged brakes, thru shaft mounted clutch brakes, clutch disc caliper brakes, totally enclosed clutches and brakes, food service clutch brakes, nema c-flange clutch brakes, and a modular system for nema c-flange clutches and brakes.

Common applications for the Air Champ family are: Clutches – controlled acceleration, positive drive, cycling, indexing, jogging, inching, connecting-disconnecting, positioning, overload protection, torque limiting, tension control, reversing, and multiple speed.

Brakes – stopping, holding, cycling, indexing, controlled deceleration, emergency stops, positioning, tensioning, and fail safe braking.

Clutch-Brakes – stopping, holding, cycling, indexing, jogging, inching, disconnecting, positioning, controlled acceleration and deceleration.

Overload protection devices – disconnecting, positive drive, positioning, and overload protection.



For more than 40 years, Tolomatic has been a leader in the linear motion field. Tolomatic created an industry with the introduction of the rodless air cylinder and has since invented many more innovative products to solve most any linear motion need. Tolomatic is unique in the industry by offering multiple technologies, and merging all of them together to offer solutions to industry. Tolomatic offers fluid power, electro-mechanical linear and power transmission equipment. Tolomatic also offers a very aggressive delivery promise. Any standard catalog item can be ready for shipment within 5 working days. Tolomatic is also very willing to modify their existing product line, if your application can not utilize their off the shelf product line.

Rodless cylinders Tolomatic invented the world’s first rodless cylinder in 1955. This allowed for smaller and more compact devices to perform the same operation as the much more space demanding rod type cylinder. The current product line includes magnetically coupled cylinders, magnetically coupled slides, linear slides, BC3 band cylinders, BC2 band cylinders, BC4 band cylinders, cable cylinders, double purchase cable cylinder, single acting cable cylinders, and track cable cylinders.

Rod cylinder slides featuring H-Block, U-Block, Channel-Block, Power-Block, and Power-Block2 designs. Bore ranges (depending on style) start at 9/16” and go up to 3 ¼” with stroke lengths available from stock of up to 12”. Tolomatic even offers different linear bearings, depending on your application, you can choose from bronze, composite, or precision ball.

Vane rotary actuator offers an unbeatable combination of high torque, compact design, low breakaway and a low price. Bore sizes range from 1” to 2 ½”, delivering torques from a few inch pounds to as high as 325 inch pounds. Some of our features are Buna-N stator seal, extruded integral stator, patented plastic-to-metal shaft seal, aluminum end caps, extruded aluminum housing, internal bumpers, Buna-N double lip vane seal, and stainless steel shaft.

Rack and Pinion rotary feature one of the highest torque to weight ratios in the industry. Available in bores from ¾” to 1 ¼”. Rotation options of 0 to 180, and 0 to 360 degrees are available. Features include; ball bearing supported input shaft that reduces friction and offers higher capacities of side loading the pinion and shaft, extruded light weight anodized aluminum housing pre-tapped with mounting holes, single rack and pinion design for a compact and low profile unit, and adjustable stops with nylon bumpers for low inertia applications.

Grippers Our line of hardworking grippers are price competitive units, available in both angular and parallel styles and come in a range of six bore sizes ranging from 3/8” to 3’ for a multitude of light or heavy duty “pick and place” applications. Some of the features offered on our standard line of grippers are: hard-coat anodized bodies, nickel plated fingers, pretapped holes in jaws for customized finger tooling attachment, double acting jaws for internal or external gripping force, and side block adjustments to compensate for wear or quick jaw removal

Power Transmission Equipment Tolomatic offers pneumatic clutches and brakes, Float-a-shaft gearboxes, and pneumatic caliper disc brakes. The Float-a-shaft was designed by Tolomatic over 35 years ago. The Float-a-shaft is a universal right angle gear drive coupling. It consists of two 45 degree helical gears that mesh at right angles, designed to transmit power around any corner. Float-a-shaft can be operated in any direction, and can slide axially along the drive or driven shaft. It is offered in two torque ranges; low torque journal bearing series, and high torque sealed roller bearing series. Some of the Float-a-shaft unique features are: bores that are ground to .001 tolerance, and allow the use of standard shafting, hardened steel thrust races and bearings, it can slide along the length of the shaft, only limited by the length of the keyway, it can accommodate either blind or through keyways, all helical gears are case hardened alloy steel, and the housing is made of a durable cast aluminum.

AXIDYNE ELECTRIC LINEAR MOTION CONTROL PRODUCTS This family of products offers linear motion control utilizing a variety of technologies ranging from lower cost direct current motors and controls, to the pinnacle of accuracy using quality servo controls and motors. This line is very versatile, and can accomplish the easiest task of simple one way motion, or a very complicated operation of multiple axis with multiple start/stop operations while maintaining absolute accuracy. Tolomatic is also able to merge the Axidyne with other products that they manufacture, like grippers and vane rotary actuators. The best part is that Tolomatic designs, manufactures, assembles, tests, and guarantees the entire system, so rather than having to use multiple vendors to try to coordinate a working system, Tolomatic does this for you, and takes away all of the guess work.

ACCESSORIES In addition to all of the superior products that Tolomatic has to offer, they also offer their own accessories that make their products work that much better, such as, electrical switches and switching devices, shock absorbers, rubber cushions, adapter plates, brake discs, parts manuals, rebuild kits, tube supports and field retrofits.





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